Jeremy Lin signs $36M 3 Year Deal with Brooklyn Nets

Posted by AC Team

July 11, 2016 

JEREMY LIN PRESS CONF BROOKLYN NETSJeremy LIn is back in New York - actually Brooklyn playing starting guard for the Brooklyn Nets.

Is there pressure to make Linsanity happen again?

In a report by Zach Harper at quoting the Nets Daily, Lin says he's "far past that" and won't let the pressure of comments, stories, and possible attention get int he way of concentrating on his play on the court.

Here's a video of a press conference with Jeremy Lin on Nets Daily filmed by Popo Chung.

All good, Jeremy. Go - Jeremy - Go!



Nets Daily - Jeremy Lin: Attracted by Brooklyn Nets "blank slate" - Jeremy Lin not worried about replicating 'Linsanity' in Brooklyn