Are Asian Americans fleeing Hollywood for Asia?

Suzanne Kai


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September 20, 2014

Are Asian Americans seeking careers in entertainment fleeing Hollywood for Asia?

Writer Dana Ter presents compelling evidence in her article for

Andrew Lam wrote early this year about the "Bamboo Ceiling" in Hollywood. 

For decades, Asian Americans have faced an uphill battle to secure major starring roles in feature films and television.

Non-profit (Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) in Hollywood has carried the flag for 23 years to train, connect and open opportunities for Asian Americans into the film industry.

This year CAPE  has decided to eliminate all membership fees, and has opened its programs, services, and events to anyone seeking to make a meaningful impact in support of the AAPI community. So if you want to see more improvement for Asian Americans in Entertainment and Media in Hollywood - get involved, donate and be part of the solution.



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