I Was Never Jackie Chan, and I'm Not Jeremy Lin - New York Times commentary by Andrew Keh, Video by Yousur Al-Hlou and John Woo

Suzanne Kai

October 25, 2016

AC - JEREMY LIN IN THE LOCKER ROOM BEING INTERVIEWED-250KB-3-11-12As Jeremy Lin takes to the basketball courts for the Brooklyn Nets just minutes from Manhattan where "Linsanity" began back in 2012 when he played for the New York Knicks, New York Times filmmakers Yousur Al-Hlou and John Woo produced this video looking back on it - "the good, the bad and the gaffes." 

Accompanying the video is commentary by New York Times writer Andrew Keh.  

Click here for the full story and video at the New York Times.

Photo by New York Times. Actor Randall Park appears in New York Times video.

Photo by Suzanne Joe Kai, In the locker room with Jeremy Lin, March, 2012