China Dolls

Posted by Lia Chang on Monday, 05 February 2007.

CHINA DOLLS by Michelle Yu and Blossom Kan, is a new novel about three Asian-American women balancing life, love and one another in New York City.

Michelle Yu and Blossom Kan's novel CHINA DOLLS is a sexy and sassy twist on what it means to be multicultural in the U.S. It explores life at the intersection of two worlds - one of Asian grandmothers and red envelopes, and another of tackling career and personal challenges in a big city.

Based on the personal experiences of Michelle and Blossom, CHINA DOLLS (St. Martins Press/Pub Date: February 8, 2007) introduces the characters of M.J., a tomboyish sportswriter struggling to fit into her familys traditional Chinese culture and the predominantly Caucasian male world of sports; Alex, a confident no-nonsense attorney fighting the submissive Asian woman stereotype and the fear of taking risks after a heartbreaking romance; and Lin, the risk-taking investment banker trying not to relive her mother's mistakes that is until she falls for the office playboy.

While the characters of M.J., Alex, and Lin wont ever forget their Asian roots, they also dont hide behind them as an excuse for their failures. If anything, they draw strength from their heritage while at the same time, embracing their American identity. Unlike other Asian novels, CHINA DOLLS embraces the fusion of these two cultures a phenomenon that more often than not reflects the experiences of young Asians in America today.

MICHELLE YU is an on air sports reporter for NY1 News and a member of the Asian American Journalists Association. Prior to NY1, she was a sportswriter for College Sports Television and a reporter at Sports Illustrated For Kids Magazine. BLOSSOM KAN is an attorney in Manhattan. She graduated from Yale University where she majored in English. Both writers reside in New York City.

Meet Michelle and Blossom at their booksigning for CHINA DOLLS on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:00 p.m. at Barnes and Noble in New York.

Barnes & Noble
675 Sixth Avenue (22nd & 6th)
New York City
(212) 727-1227

**China Dolls is also teaming up with Ling Skincare to create "China Dolls: The Collection" just in time for Lunar New Year and Valentines Day. Check out the link below.