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Super Hiro - Hiroki Kuroda throws complete game shutout

Posted by Suzanne Kai - on Monday, 15 April 2013

Photo: Hiroki Kuroda - Pitcher for the New York Yankees
April 14, 2012 New York Yankees 3, Orioles 0 Photo: New York Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda  It's baseball season and it couldn't be sweeter with 38 year old Hiroki Kuroda's five-hit shutout. Kuroda is a New York Yankees pitcher.  The New York Daily News reports that was just part of tonight's story. 27 year old Wei-Yin Chen from Taiwan, a left-handed pitcher for the Major League Baseball's Baltimore Orioles matched Kuroda zero for zero over the first four innings tonight....

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Being 'Asian' is an advantage says Jeremy Lin

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Tuesday, 07 August 2012

Being 'Asian' is an advantage says Jeremy Lin

"I think the advantage of being an Asian basketball player in America is that no one expects anything from you, and no one thinks you are going to be good," Lin told a press conference in Taipei. Give it to Lin to say it how it is. And good luck on the next chapter of your amazing career, Jeremy. 

And if you are not one of the thousands of viewers of Jeremy Lin's Skype chat this week with a 5 year old named Naim and his family check the link out below. Naim was reportedly devastated by the Knicks decision to not match the Houston Rockets offer. 

When time came for the Skype chat with Jeremy, young Naim was nearly speechless. Most telling is Lin's attention and patience to chatting with Naim and his family. With the awkward silence waiting for 5 year old Naim to chat with Jeremy (Naim barely made a peep), and with Naim's parents filling in the silence with chatter, a typical phony-baloney big-headed basketball star would have said thanks and good bye. But Lin seemed to be sincerely interested in having a conversation with young Naim and his parents and gave the family quality time. Kudos to Lin for being a class act.   


Here's a link to Jeremy's chat with Naim and his family. (click on the full story headline for the link to activate). 



Its Houston for Jeremy Lin - The NY Knicks let him go

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Friday, 06 July 2012

Jeremy in the locker room


July 17, 2012

Goodbye New York, Hello Houston!

After weeks of speculation, Tuesday night the New York Knicks announced it would not match the Houston Rockets' offer.

Emotions have been running high with Knicks fans. To quote writer Ian O'Connor at, "Jim Dolan just made one of the dumbest moves of his basketball life"...

Meanwhile, Lin remains a gentleman, thanking the Knicks and showing enthusiasm for Houston. 

Twitter comments: (@JLin7)

"Extremely excited and honored to be a Houston Rocket again!! ‪#RedNation‬" "Much love and thankfulness to the Knicks and New York for your support this past year...easily the best year of my life ‪#ForeverGrateful‬"

For the latest on Jeremy Lin:



July 5, 2012

This afternoon Jeremy Lin agreed to a multi-million dollar offer sheet by the Houston Rockets. Numerous sources say that the Houston Rockets' offer is reportedly a four year $28.8 million deal with Lin. The contract cannot be signed until after the NBA moratorium ends next Wednesday, July 11, 2012, then the New York Knicks have three days to match the Rockets' offer or let him go.

This story is evolving day by day, and in some cases hour by hour.

(Video image by Suzanne Kai was taken at a press interview with Jeremy Lin in the New York Knicks locker room at Madison Square Garden March 11, 2012)



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Jeremy Lin plays in-home scavenger hunt with Jimmy Kimmel via Skype

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jeremy Lin plays in-home scavenger hunt with Jimmy Kimmel via Skype


June 12, 2012

TV late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel sent NBA stars Jeremy Lin and Roy Hibbert on an in-home scavenger hunt via Skype. During the contest Lin confirmed his knee was "good to go" confirming his successful recovering from knee surgery. Click here to view the video excerpt from the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show. 


Jeremy Lin reports on his Facebook page his knee is healed and he's ready to start training again

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Monday, 04 June 2012

Jeremy Lin reports on his Facebook page his knee is healed and he's ready to start training again

Jeremy Lin reported on Saturday June 2 on his Facebook page that his knee is healthy and he's ready to start training again. His Facebook page shows a happy Lin holding a freshly caught marlin, which he caught and released on a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photo credit: Jeremy Lin's Facebook page

Jeremy Lin Named #1 on Time Magazine's list of Top 100 World's Most Influential People

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Monday, 23 April 2012

Jeremy Lin Named #1 on Time Magazine's list of Top 100 World's Most Influential People

May 1, 2012
by Suzanne Joe Kai

Jeremy Lin continues to recover from his left knee surgery but
due to pain felt in his knee after his first one-to-one practice
drill, he's not likely to return before Game 4 at the earliest. 

On Saturday, the New York Knicks point guard participated
in his first one-to-one drills since he had surgery April 2 to repair
a meniscus tear in his left knee.  

Doctors have estimated that it would take six weeks
from the date of his surgery before his knee is recovered
enough to play basketball. His rehab has been encouraging
also he has reported soreness in his knee yesterday
after his one-to-one practise.  

Last week he tweeted when he started jogging:

"Great team win in ATL. And i jogged slowly (but not as slow as
Steve Novak (@stevenovak20) for the first time since surgery..its
been a great day so far! - Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) April 22, 2012"

Meanwhile, Jeremy's star is not fading off the court,
he was just named to the #1 spot on Time Magazine's annual list
of The 100 Most Influential People in the World.  
Time's list is on the newstands now, its the April 30, 2012 edition.

You will want to pick up a copy of Time Magazine's The 100 Most 
Influential People in the World issue just to see the magnificent photo 
of Jeremy airborne with a basketball in the palm of his right hand,
his left arm deftly blocking his opponent as he prepares to score 
another point for his team.

Also, there's a short companion essay "The dreamers' Most Valuable Player"
written by Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education saying much of
what all of us have been marveling about over Jeremy Lin.

In a world dominated by individuals flounting 'success' through bling and
glamour, its the individual...