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Happy Year of the Snake! Angi Ma Wong's Predictions for the Year

Posted by Angi Ma Wong - on Monday, 25 February 2013

Angi Ma Wong Predicts Year of the Snake
by Angi Ma Wong FenSShui Lady ® Predictions for the Year of the Water Snake 4711   Currently Angi is scheduled to appear at an event called "The Chinese in America Interactive" with storytelling, displays, music and a surprise at the end! Wednesday May 29, 20134:40pmLive Oak Library4153 E. Live Oak AvenueArcadia, California You can order her feng shui books and kits at                     ...

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Another controversial broadcast by ESPN titled "Has Society Become Oversensitive About Race?"

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another controversial broadcast by ESPN titled


February 29, 2012

The blogosphere an social media erupted again - This time over a conversation about race and Jeremy Lin between's Lynn Hoppes, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

Just take a look at the running comments about ESPN's commentary on the video replay page online at

The conversation was titled by ESPN "Has Society Become Oversensitive with Race?"


William Wong weighs in on what Jeremy Lin may have had to do to get his 'game on' and instead of smashing stereotypes he confirms a few

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Monday, 27 February 2012

William Wong weighs in on what Jeremy Lin may have had to do to get his 'game on' and instead of smashing stereotypes he confirms a few


February 27, 2012

Two award-winning writers weigh in on the Jeremy Lin story. 

Author and former Wall Street Journal writer William Wong reports on what Jeremy Lin may have had to do to get his 'game on' and how that confirms a few stereotypes, in his fifth "Linsanity" column.

Wong writes, "In at least two articles, sportswriters in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York have given us a fuller picture of how Lin — with the help of coaches and trainers — transformed himself from a skinny kid with an awkward jump shot into one of the most exciting point guards in the NBA, after graduating in 2010 as a star player at Harvard (definitely NOT an NBA “farm team” the way lesser universities are), but ignored in the NBA draft and getting cut by two other NBA teams."

"The essence of these stories is that Lin has worked extremely hard over the past 18 months to improve his game — gaining weight and bulk, refining his jump shot, learning the fine points of point-guard play. In doing so, Jeremy Lin, instead of smashing stereotypes, is confirming a few stereotypes of Chinese Americans/Asian Americans — of being diligent hard workers, and smart."

William Wong's full article at

AsianConnections' columnist, author, and former senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine Ben Fong-Torres says Jeremy Lin's success is a dream come true - his dream, as well as the dream of countless other...

Linsanity Etiquette 101 - The historical milestone Jeremy Lin achieved - for all of us

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Thursday, 23 February 2012

Linsanity Etiquette 101 - The historical milestone Jeremy Lin achieved - for all of us


March 9, 2012:

The greatest thing about Linsanity is that Jeremy Lin can win, he can lose, but he has already achieved the near impossible. In just a few short weeks, he's turned a country on its head and made it examine how Asian Americans are viewed in the mainstream.

AC Team members head to New York this week with high hopes to see Jeremy Lin play in a Knicks game. When we watch him, we will be watching a talented basketball player, but we will also be thinking about the historical milestone he has already achieved - for all of us.


Related Update: 

February 23, 2012:

Following on the recent racist and racially-offensive incidents in coverage of NBA star Jeremy Lin, the Asian American Journalists Association has issued guidelines on how to and how not to cover Jeremy Lin.

These guidelines are good for everyone, not just news media. 

You would have thought that by 2012 our nation's news media wouldn't need such etiquette lessons, but the...

"Linsanity"- Jeremy Lin: ESPN fires writer and suspends broadcaster for its racist headline and remarks -New York Knicks Sensation has Captured our Hearts

Posted by Suzanne Kai on Saturday, 18 February 2012



July 17, 2012

Goodbye New York, Hello Houston! 


After weeks of speculation, Tuesday night the New York Knicks announced it would not match the Houston Rockets' offer.


Emotions have been running high with Knicks fans. To quote writer Ian O'Connor at, "Jim Dolan just made one of the dumbest moves of his basketball life"...


Meanwhile, Lin remains a gentleman, thanking the Knicks and showing enthusiasm for Houston. 


Twitter comments: (@JLin7)


"Extremely excited and honored to be a Houston Rocket again!! ‪#RedNation‬" "Much love and thankfulness to the Knicks and New York for your support this past year...easily the best year of my life ‪#ForeverGrateful‬"


For the latest on Jeremy Lin:

July 5, 2012


This afternoon Jeremy Lin agreed to a multi-million dollar offer sheet by the Houston Rockets. Numerous sources say that the Houston Rockets' offer is reportedly a four year $28.8 million...

In Memoriam - Hideki Irabu 1969-2011 former NY Yankees Pitcher

Posted by AC Team on Friday, 29 July 2011

Former New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead Wednesday at his home in Rancho Palos Verdes, California a suburb in Los Angeles county.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's office is investigating the case as a suicide.

AsianConnections' Suzanne Kai spoke with Irabu at a CAPE holiday event in 2009.

Click here for the Irabu's comments, and here for updates on this story.