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Super Hiro - Hiroki Kuroda throws complete game shutout

Posted by Suzanne Kai - on Monday, 15 April 2013

Photo: Hiroki Kuroda - Pitcher for the New York Yankees
April 14, 2012 New York Yankees 3, Orioles 0 Photo: New York Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda  It's baseball season and it couldn't be sweeter with 38 year old Hiroki Kuroda's five-hit shutout. Kuroda is a New York Yankees pitcher.  The New York Daily News reports that was just part of tonight's story. 27 year old Wei-Yin Chen from Taiwan, a left-handed pitcher for the Major League Baseball's Baltimore Orioles matched Kuroda zero for zero over the first four innings tonight....

Wear glasses? Want to improve your eye sight? Try Ortho-K

Posted by AC Team on Wednesday, 06 March 2013.


DR DONALD_HARRIS_-_2013-03-05_at_11.06.47_PMDo you wear glasses? You may be able to free yourself from glasses and contact lenses by using a non-surgical procedure called Ortho-K.  Ortho-K has been an authorzied vision improvement procedure for more than thirty years.

The procedure improves your eyesight while you sleep. Specially manufactured high-tech, therapeutic Ortho-K lenses gently reshape the eyes front curvature, improving your eyesight, including nearsightedness and astigmatism. 

DR DONALD_HARRIS_2013-03-05_at_11.06.42_PMMost of the visual changes occur rapidly with Ortho-K patients during the first few weeks. With frequent examinations and progressive lens changes, stabilization procedures follow at a slower pace over the next few months. 

Visual improvement occurs rapidly in weeks. After correction, most patients can see better without the help from glasses or full contact lens wear. Free from surgical risk, the process is convenient and comfortable, without disrupting visual performance. 

Ortho-K Accelerated Orthokeretology is a specialty of Dr. Donald Harris of Newport Beach, California. Dr. Harris is currently developing a procedure to stabilize the vision improvement using therapeutic eye drops. 

DR DONALD HARRIS CALL NOW FOR FREE SCREENING 2013-03-05 at 11.06.31 PMDr. Harris invites you to call for a free screening and consultation to see if you are a candidate.

Dr. Harris has been practicing in Newport Beach for more than 35 years.

He is an internationally acclaimed author of professional journal articles, a textbook on Orthokeratology as well as a non-surgical vision improvement book.

Dr. Harris is a graduate of the Pacific University Schoo of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon.

He is a past chairman of the International Orthokeratology Section of National Eye Research.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and has lectured internationally throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia. 








Dr. Donald Harris, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O.

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