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Update: LA City Council Approves Motion to Designate 1 Acre Oak Grove Landmark Status at site of former Internment Camp

Posted by AC Team - on Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Update: LA City Council Approves Motion to Designate 1 Acre Oak Grove Landmark Status at site of former Internment Camp
  Photo Credit: Tuna Canyon Detention Station Facebook Page Photo credited to David Scott, the Scott Family, and Little Landers Historical Society. David Scott is the grandson of Merrill Scott who was the superintendent of TCDS. Photo circa 1941-1943. The structures were removed, but the oak and sycamore trees dating back to World War II still live on this site.  June 25, 2013 UPDATE: Los Angeles The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to support an amending motion by...

What's in store for the Year of the Wood Rooster?

Posted by Angi Ma Wong on Thursday, 13 January 2005.

Feng Shui expert and author Angi Ma Wong provides your Year of the Wood Rooster astrology forecast.

After the unpredictable Year of the Monkey with its horrendous surprise ending with the Asian earthquake and tsunami, most of us are ready for the new year of the Rooster which begins on February 9, 2005. The element of wood remains above that of metal during this year, portending a continuation of disharmonious relations on the international front but with hope. Because wood is more flexible, there will be fewer serious confrontations than last year and more opportunity for resolution.

During this year, the most dreaded of the 3 Afflictions, the 5 Yellows, resides in the NW so if your front entrance is facing 292.6 degrees to 337.5 degrees, find and use another entrance into your home so as not to activate this direction. Hang your pagoda windchime outside close to the front door for protection from serious illness, accidents and calamities to your household.

Do not face West when you are working this year of the Rooster (even if you are a West group person and it is one of your four best directions) where the Grand Duke Jupiter rests. To do so will only bring frustation and a feeling that you are struggling but not making progress. For East group people, it is good to face East as you will have the support of the Grand Duke behind you. The 3 Killings is in the East this year and you can face it, but not have this direction behind you.

The Rooster symbolizes the liver, neck, back, spine, teeth and posture so take care of these parts of your body as well as your nervous system. Back problems, Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease will dominate health news. Because the metal element is dominating over wood, metal daggers, knives and firearms may factor into assassination attempts and suicides such during last year, such as when NY Times best-selling author Iris Chang died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound following severe depression. On the other hand, the months of March and September are good months during which to schedule surgeries or teeth removal, especially for those who are born during the year or day of the Rabbit.

On the environmental front, plants and the environmental industries such as agriculture, forestry, etc. may suffer serious damage, especially as there is great fire danger this year.

For the worlds economy, there will be economic recovery amidst lots of stiff competition in the high tech sector. Autumn and winter will be strong for the real estate, energy, electricity, entertainment, and restaurant and electronic industries.

The Year of the Rooster may make you overconfident but this year its better to stick with the practical, the basics and tried and true paths rather than buy into any projects that promise quick returns and riches. The energy of this zodiac animal is one of cockiness, showing off, strutting and puffery, and scattered energy that causes friction caused by pettiness, misunderstanding, arrogance and egotism.

Famous Roosters: Prince Charles, Elton John, Peter Drucker, Katherine Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, Grover Cleveland, Baron Guy Rothschild

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